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Smoke Machine & Generator Hire For Fire Safety Training - TrainingSmoke

Smoke Machine Hire Products and Options
The following fire safety training units and accessories are available for Hire from Smokeshield Australia:



fire safety training

Smoke machine hire
Hire Kit Trainer 101 Kit Trainer 201 Kit Trainer 401 Kit
Approx Output 50 m3 per 60 seconds 500 m3 per 60 seconds 1000 m3 per 60 seconds

Smoke Machine Accessories for Hire





101 Remote

Flexi Ducting & Fan

Strobe DMX Strobe Detonator
FT 101 Wireless Remote Radio
100mm Flex Duct
3 Metre with coupling & joiners.
( FT210 and FT401 Units only)
Simulations can be from explosions,
electrical short circuits, ect.
Control single or multiple units
up to 20 using the IPL3RE remote system

Smoke Generator Fluid Hire or Purchase There are two options available in regards to the fluid for the above Fire Safety Training units.

Option 1
The lender purchases outright a fluid container with fluid applicable to the selected smoke generator. This Fluid then becomes the property of the lender and is available to be used when next a smoke generator is hired.
Option 2
smoke generatorSmokeshield Australia will provide the lender with a fluid container applicable to the selected smoke generator. On completion of the hiring period the lender will return the smoke fluid with the generator. The lender will then be charged for fluid used during the hire period.

Minimum hire period 4 days


Accessories available for hire